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Eco Oddities: Strange Environmental Stories

Posted by Kyley Eagleson on Fri, Mar 16, 2012 @ 02:20 PM

Eco OdditiesThis week we are taking a break from hazardous waste and doing our first Eco Oddities post!  Herein we will highlight a few recent environmental stories we have read or heard that we found to be bizarre, interesting, humorous, etc.

1. Please do not feed the animals!

A 30 year old giraffe was found dead at an Indonesian zoo, an autopsy later found 40lbs of plastic in its stomach.  Apparently, throughout its lifetime the giraffe had been eating the trash thrown into its exhibit by zoo patrons.

Ian Singleton, a former zoo keeper who runs an orangutan conservation program on Sumatra Island, told the associated press, "This is extremely tragic, but…by no means surprising in Indonesia’s zoos, given the appalling way they are managed on the whole."  The zoo, which has seen trouble in previous years due to premature deaths of animals, will hopefully be required to improve the living conditions for the animals. Read the full story here.

2. Giant Prehistoric Penguins!

National Geographic reported on February 27th that fossils of a new species of penguin were found in New Zealand.  These prehistoric penguins would have stood around 4.3 feet tall, about twice as tall as the penguins we know today and the same height as an average 8-year-old!  Read the full story here.

3. Aging out of Hollywood

The Pacific Princess, the iconic boat that served at the backdrop for "The Love Boat" TV series, is being scrapped.  According to USA Today, the boat was purchased by a Turkish demolition company for a little more than $3.3 million (2.5 million euro).  Read the rest of the story here.

These are just three of the stories we have seen recently.  Have you heard or read anything strange or interesting about our world?  Let us know in the comments section below! 

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